Album - Invisible Skin - 2015

For Free (4:04)
These Are Rules (4:18) - Ref
Bad Johnny (4:43)
Invisible Skin (3:42)
All My Friends (3:17)

Album - The Rooftop Life - 2014

Another Bite - Finito (Sympathy for the Intolerant)
Clear To Me - with Robin Luongo (cello)
Say You Will
Hail Mary
No Way
What I Wouldn't Do
Welcome Today
Prayer (Let Me Go Down)
Oh I Know
I Believe In Everything

Album - Buddhists and Bankers - 2009

My Golden
Beyond Regrets
Please Come Home
Rain Called Love
She Brings Me Colors
Wonder Waltz
When I Lost Everything
The Only Exception
Paramore song covered by Nina Luongo and me